Beats Headset – Beats By Dr.Dre

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Beats Headset – Beats By Dr.Dre

Designed for audiophiles, The Beats Headset – Beats By Dr.Dre is powerful and lightweight stereo headset that is made to exemplify your style in music. The Fervour Tune delivers studio-quality sound that resonates well within the ear cushions. When it comes to the bass, you’d be amazed that the Fervour Tune creates a natural bass output without compromising on the mid and high range.

  • Engineered to have deep bass for all your favourite rap or rock music
  • Smaller and lighter than over-ear Beats.
  • Low profile Control Talk for full control of your listening experience when using your new iPods.
  • Over-ear design keeps the music in and the surrounding noise out
  • Replica


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