Cooling & Warming Refrigerator(12L)

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Cooling And Warming Refrigerator

The innovative Cooling And Warming Refrigerator(AC/DC) has a 12 Liter capacity and features a luxury configuration to give you easy access to your favourite drinks and snacks, even in a tightly packed vehicle. You can connect the cooler to the 12-Volt DC power supply found in your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or directly pulg this into the main power. The cooler’s state-of-the-art thermoelectric cooling module keeps food and drinks 45 degree F lower than current environment temperature (maximum cooling capacity at 23 degree F).  You can also switch the function to turn this versatile machine into a warmer,to keep casseroles,take-out,or fast food warm.You will be amazed with all the ways use your Cooling/Warmer.