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The Flex Shaper is a product that promises to allow you to sculpt your body into a beautiful and elegant tool. Without having to pay through the nose for a membership to a gym. It seems difficult to believe that a product so small and so cheap could give you that chance. But when you take a closer look at it you might see just what makes people so enthusiastic about this little exercise tool.

Spring technology for exercise efficiency

The Flex Shaper has a spring-loaded system that bends both ways with ease. This allows it to provide resistance in a meaningful way in both directions when you go through a motion that sees you flex, extend and repeat. Therefore, one repetition will give you the benefit of both movements for a high level of exercise efficiency rarely seen.

Effective technique targets and sculpts muscles in a lean way

While you are enjoying the efficiency of the Flex Shaper, it is also possible for you to enjoy the great exercise technique that comes with it. Some of the exercises that come with the product are added specifically to take advantage of this tool and the way in which it works. You can target your muscles to such a large level of detail that you can make your muscles lean and mean without making your entire body bulkier, if the Flex Shaper is used correctly during your workout routines.

Proper instructions

In order to maintain the high levels of exercise efficiency and targeted sculpting action you need to be very precise in your use of this machine. Product diagrammatic exercise charts and a full workout DVD are included in the package. Once you’ve read and understood all of those different elements, you should definitely be good to go as far as this product is concerned.


– Tones Biceps & Triceps
– Lifts breast line
– Defines shoulders & chest
– Trims your waistline
– Shapes thighs