The Single Cereal Dispenser

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Single Cereal Dispenser

This Single Cereal Dispenser is a great way to store cereal and other dry foods, and also free up some pantry space in your kitchen! Its transparent canister with airtight seal ensures to keep your favourite dry foods like cereal, beans, rice, pasta etc fresher for longer, while providing precise serving sizes every time.

This prevents cereal or other dry foods from going stale. Kids will find it fun turning the knob and watching the cereal fall perfectly into their bowl while moms can be assured that kids will not be spilling cereal all over the kitchen. Best of all, the dispenser is hermetically sealed which preserves the freshness of dry food. Simply place a bowl under the dispenser and twist a knob to get a controlled portion. The simple, elegant design features one clear, see through, high quality plastic container which holds one box of cereal. Very easy to clean and fit on most counter-tops. A great look for cereal! Each canister holds 19 bowls of cereal. It’s easy to clean, easy to operate and attractively priced. Your guests and employees will love them!

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