Water Filled Teether From Little Fish

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Water Filled Teether From Little Fish

Age: 3+ months

  • One in a pack, Water Filled Teether can be chilled in refrigerator for cooling effect
  • Lightweight for even the youngest teething babies
  • A variety of textures and thickness provide stimulation to mouth
  • Letting baby experience a variety of stimulation helps prepare for forming words
  • Filled with sterilised water
  • Assorted colours


Developmental Insight

Baby’s taste buds begin to develop in the womb. He is exposed to mom’s diet through amniotic fluid. After birth he will show a preference for sweet tastes, like milk.


Interaction Idea

Allow baby to explore the teether with her mouth. Baby’s mouth is more sensitive than her hands; therefore she will be able to experience the textural difference and cooling sensation of the water.

Product available in assorted colours.

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