16×52 Waterproof Monocular – Telescope

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16×52 Waterproof Monocular

  • Waterproof Monocular with a magnification range of 10x to 25x power
  • Big 66mm multi-coated objective lens provides bright and clear daytime views
  • Conveniently compact at less than 7″ long and lightweight at just 12 ounces
  • Very short near focus distance of just 22″ – like having a microscope in your hand!
  • Includes soft nylon case with belt loop and carrying wrist-strap
  • Offers an 16x magnification and a 52mm objective diameter
  • Multicoated optics guarantee superior light transmission and brightness
  • Good for sporting events, concerts, bird watching, camping, fishing, and travelling

The Waterproof Monocular is great for scanning at 10x power, then boosting all the way up to 25x for significantly closer views. The monocular’s close focus ability of just 20” lets you zoom in on even close-by objects with stunning clarity. Images appear bright and detailed even during dusk and dawn hours thanks to the light-gathering capabilities of the substantial 42mm aperture objective lens.
Views through the zoom monocular are correct-image just like a binocular, but it’s much smaller in size and weight than even compact binoculars for enhanced portability. In fact, the lightweight monocular weighs less than a pound!

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