Olitalia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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  • Package Quantity : 1L & 5L
  • Made in Italy
About the product
  • 30% higher in natural antioxidants , Rich in Polyphenols.
  • Olitalia Olive Oil has created the 30 Blend, carefully selecting from Italy and Spain
  • An Extra Virgin Olive Oil of great character and unique flavor, created by the experience and skill of Olitalia experts.
  • 30 is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained by thoroughly selecting the varieties of olives with the appropriate content of natural Polyphenols from Italy and Spain. The oil is a tradition that historically unites the Mediterranean peoples and nations.

Product description

30 is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil created by Olitalia. The Cultivars have been identified and selected with the highest content of polyphenols, natural antioxidants, in order to obtain a special product with an exceptional quality. This innovative idea comes from Olitalia’s willingness to create natural and high quality products. The research has allowed the company to enhance the beneficial effects that Extra Virgin Olive Oils have naturally and to attain 30% more polyphenols with antioxidant properties than that of the other Extra Virgin Olive Oils on the market.We make sure that everything created in the orchard stays pure and untouched until it gets to your table, and that the oil’s anti-oxidants and other precious properties are kept right there in the bottle. This puts your health and well-being in first place, right up there with the most important ingredient of all: nature.

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