Banno Basmati Rice 10kg


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Banno Traditional Super Basmati Rice 5Kg

Acknowledged for high nutritional value, rich aroma,  delicious taste and longer shelf life. This Banno Super Basmati Rice is highly demanded in the global market.

Banno Super Traditional Basmati Rice is a good and highly acceptable quality of Basmati Rice. Which has extra – long grains. This type of prominent rice comes along with an even texture and firmness. which on cooking further releases out a distinct and an extraordinary aroma. And then it easily becomes fluffy, skinny, long and non – sticky.

The Nutritious value of the Banno Super Traditional Basmati rice. further makes it as an extremely acclaimed and highly praised variety of Basmati Rice which has been liked and admired by the connoisseur’s all over the world and across.

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