Booster Jumper Cable


Booster Jumper Cable

Car Auto Heavy Duty Battery Booster Jumper Cable Wire Clamp with Alligator Wire For All Cars 

A dead battery is a nightmare for any driver if you don’t have a set of Booster Jumper Cable and if you don’t have the knowledge to jump-start your vehicle. Now this great deal will solve half of the problem. This set of booster cables is perfect to keep in your vehicle to avoid the annoyance of such situations!

Comes with well insulated heavy duty clips for easy handling and firm grip to the battery terminal. Has an excellent and high quality control. The clamp material is copper plated.


  • 1000AMP/ 1200AMP
  • Cable Length: 1.6M
  • Clamp Material: steel
  • Clamp Finish: vinyl coated
  • Copper wire and PVC insulation
  • Red & black
  • PE Bag package


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Weight 1.055 kg

1200AMP, 1000AMP