Lamb Weston Premium Stealth French Fries Straight Cut 2.5kg

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Stealth Fries Straight cut

Our unique Stealth Fries Straight cut are coated with a transparent layer, making them crispier and giving them a longer holding time than regular fries. Want to know how this works? Here’s our invisible secret!
  • Invisible coating
  • Extended holding time
  • Extra crispy bite
  • More servings per kilogram
  • Premium quality
  • Naturally salted
± 3:00 min. 175°C
± 16-20 min. 200°C

Our invisible secret

If you’re looking for an extra-crispy fry with a very long holding time, look no further than Stealth Fries Straight cut! These fries may look similar to other products at first, but don’t be fooled. Thanks to an exclusive transparent coating, they stay warm twice as long without giving up any crispiness. That’s what we call invisible power. Stealth Fries Straight cut are a Lamb Weston innovation that has revolutionised the industry. Each fry is coated with a virtually transparent batter, which is why they beat all other regular fries on crispiness. On top of that, the coating also extends their holding time under heat lights, on a hot counter, on a plate, or ordered for home delivery or take-away! When prepared in the fryer or oven, Stealth Fries Straight cut have just the right amount of salt for an optimal flavour experience, so they’re ready to be served right away! And because our premium-quality fries are also quite long, you can get more servings out of a single kg, which makes them the most profitable fries around! Stealth Fries are available in different cut sizes and we even have delicious skin-on and steakhouse varieties.

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Storage times

  • * -6°C – 1 week
  • ** -12°C – 1 month
  • ***/**** -18°C – 18 months


The cooked product will have a fresh full potato flavour, with no off-flavours present.


The cooked product has a slightly crisp bite, with a uniform smooth slightly firm internal texture
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