LG 32 Inch Transform HD LED TV – 32LB515A


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LG 32 Inch Transform HD LED TV – 32LB515A

With LG’s Innovative transform TV you can now easily convert TV stand to the rack. It’s convenient, space-saving and a unique innovation based on design. It immensely enhances the utility of serving the Indian consumers’ requirements. The stand can be used for keeping things like Books, remote, DVD Player, Set Top Box, Small Decorative items, etc as per your requirement.

Metallic Design


With the cool and sleek metallic look, the new design will place your TV on a higher level and change your living room forever. Metallic design TVs are slimmer, have one frame design and the metallic finish make it your prized possession.

Built In Games


Enjoy exciting built-in games
LG LED TV’s inbuilt games bring a tremendous amount of fun with exciting & interesting games. Now games are not limited to smart TVs only. These built-in games can be enjoyed over normal LED TVs. with no need to connect to the internet or plugin USB or download anything.
Welcome to the groundbreaking union of TV and gaming.

Regional Language Options


Understanding your TV has never been easier.
LG TVs menu & content can now be displayed in your own regional language. Covering most regions of India, LG TV now have OSD in these regional languages : Hindi / Bengali / Telugu / Tamil / Marathi / Urdu / Kannada / Malayalam / Punjabi / Assamese
(Vary from model to model. The above languages are available from the selection in the settings menu. Few models might be having only a few languages available for selection from the above list)

All Round Protection


LG TVs are equipped with All round protection with a Robust IPS Panel, Lightening Protection, Summer Heat Protection, Humidity Protection & Works without Stabilizer.

Robust IPS Panels (In Select models): LG TVs come with IPS Panel that is known for its Robust and Sturdy design. These panels are more resistant to high temperature and pressure as compare to conventional VA panels.
Lightning Protection: LG TVs come equipped with 500V Cap, Fuse, Varistor, Thermistor and Isolator for protection against unexpected lightening surge.

Works without stabilizer: LG TVs Can safely operate in a wide range of power supply conditions (100~240V AC, 50~60Hz).

Summer Heat & Humidity Protection
LG TV is designed and tested thoroughly to safely operate in Indian Tropical conditions

BollyWood Mode


Hear the most optimized sound for Indian Content
Set your sound settings to BollyWood Mode OR Smart Sound Mode(In case of smart TV) and it will automatically select the right sound EQ for the Indian movie content that you watch on TV. Whether it is a typical masala song from Bollywood or any other genres, you no longer have to choose a sound mode as the TV will do it for you, allowing you to enjoy the best sound for your entertainment. The Bollywood mode gives listeners the sensation that sound is streaming from the ceiling right above them. With sound pouring in from nearly all directions a more realistic three dimensional sound can be experienced.

Slim Depth & Narrow Bezel


LG’s slim depth and narrow bezel design nearly eliminate the space between the screen and bezel so that they can blend together beautifully.



Brilliant LED backlighting display delivers crystal-clear images, true blacks, and the most vivid, life-like colors on a slim screen.

Triple XD Engine


Enjoy sheer perfection of Color, Contrast, and Clarity with the all-powerful Triple XD Engine. LG’s latest and most advanced Triple XD Engine brings the highest level of excellence in Color, Contrast, and Clarity for the best picture quality and performance.

USB Movie


Simply connect your USB or external hard drive to the USB port to play its contents on your TV screen.



LG TVs are DivX Certified® and can play DivX® video up to 1080p HD. Enjoy the vast variety of premium content from the internet through DivX HD.

Smart Energy Saving


The Backlight Control function controls the brightness of the TV. The Screen off function lets you switch off the screen while keeping the sound or music alive. Standby Mode Zero function sets your TV to a power-saving mode where zero electricity is used.


Motion Eco Sensor

The Eco Motion Sensor is a brilliant new technology that reduces power consumption by slightly adjusting the brightness of the screen relevant to the speed of the pictures.

MCI 100

MCI 100

Motion Clarity Index, the maximum number of response signals per second, is a comprehensive indicator of the genuine clarity of fast motion display, incorporating factors beyond mere frame rates. LG’s detailed backlight scanning, advanced panel technology, and powerful engine all add to a superb performance in reducing blur in fast-moving pictures.


LG TV comes with flexible wall mount brackets which lets you rotate the TV as per your viewing angle requirement.

*Disclaimer: Number of directions in which the TV can be moved after wall mounting varies from model to model.

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