Nescafe Premix White Coffee with Hazelnut 540g (15 Sachets)

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Nope, white coffee is NOT white. So, what exactly is white coffee?Nescafe ‘Oh So Nutty’ White Coffee (Hazelnut) is crafted based on a famous coffee drink in Malaysia, called Ipoh ‘White’ Coffee. As the name suggests, this unique coffee is originated from Ipoh, a city that is famous for good food, beautiful wall murals and pretty girls (yes, we’re serious!). Good news for the hazelnut lovers, this White Coffee that everyone is raving about is now available in Hazelnut flavor.The original White Coffee is made from coffee beans that are roasted in margarine, ground, brewed and served with sweetened condensed milk. With shorter roasting time and no sugar being added during the process, the coffee beans have a light color and give a nutty flavor to the coffee.To bring this unique coffee to every home, NESCAFÉ has cleverly made this white coffee into another 3-in-1 stix flavor that you can easily prepare at anywhere anytime.

This new trend of drinking white coffee is spreading like wildfire from Asia to the West now. Give it a try today, we’re sure it won’t be your last!

  • Light Roast Coffee with Natural Nutty Taste and A Hazelnut Flavor Twist
    This white coffee has a creamy and distinctive hazelnut taste with a just-about-right level of sweetness to bring out the uniqueness of the flavor. Slowly sip through this coffee and you will feel a swirl of nutty coffee taste in your mouth, giving you a special yet comforting coffee drinking experience.
  • Heavenly Silky and Foamy
    Who said instant coffee has to be bad? NESCAFÉ has cracked the code to bring you instant coffee that is not only aromatic but also creamy, silky, and foamy. Try one today and you will know what we’re talking about!
  • Made with Premium Coffee Beans, Creamer, and Sugar
    When it comes to coffee, NESCAFÉ is all about quality. Our commitment to you is to ensure your satisfaction at every sip of our coffee.
  • Instantly Ready Anywhere Anytime
    No more missing out on your coffee! When you’re out in the wild, running late or lazy to brew a cuppa and clean up, just grab a Nescafe 3-in-1 coffee stix, your coffee crave will be taken care of immediately. How convenient!
  • Imported from NESCAFÉ MALAYSIA
    This special Nescafe 3-in-1 coffee cannot be found in your local stores. At My Coffee Stix, we work very hard with NESCAFÉ overseas to bring this unique coffee experience to you. Did we just save you an 18,640-mile round trip? You’re welcome 🙂
  • 15 Stix per Bag
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