Nestle Damak Milk Chocolate With Pistachio 70g

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Nestle Damak Milk Chocolate With Pistachio 70 G

The legendary love of chocolate and pistachio, Nestlé® Damak®

Perfect harmony of all carefully selected pistachios with its unique chocolate

The best way to make yourself or your loved ones’ palate beauty

Common chocolate of generations since 1933

Supporting quality and efficiency in Pistachio production with “ Let Our Peanuts Be Abundant ” project

How would you like to reward yourself with another type of ‘Palate’? Try Damak Night with its unique dark chocolate and Damak İnci with its silky white chocolate right now!

Since 1933, Nestlé® Damak®, the perfect harmony of unique chocolate and delicious whole Pistachios; It is the legendary love story of chocolate and pistachio. Turkey’s meet in perfect harmony with the chocolate in a unique palate of delicious pistachios and expertise they shared the same love you with this unique flavor in each piece.

Whether it’s a special day or not, when you want to show someone you love how important it is to you, or when you feel the need to pamper yourself a little, # biDamakgüzellik makes that moment beautiful.

As NESTLÉ® Damak®, we show the value we attach to the pistachios we are devoted to. Since 2011, TEMA we carry out in cooperation with “Get plenty we Fıs” an important agricultural value having Pistachio is a production with local farmers about sustainable maximize efficiency in production for projects with Turkey, we contribute to economic prosperity.

Nestlé® Damak® is the chocolate for those who want to make a beauty for themselves and their loved ones. Nestlé Damak Milk Chocolate with Pistachio for those who cannot give up the original taste of Damak, which combines carefully selected pistachios with chocolate expertise, Nestlé Damak Pistachio Milk Chocolate with 55% cocoa for those who cannot get enough of the taste of dark chocolate, Nestlé Damak with pistachio for those who are caught in the magic of white chocolate Bringing İnci Pistachio White Chocolate together with chocolate lovers.

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Net Amount (g / ml)


Sugar, pistachio (18%), cocoa butter, whey powder (dairy product), cocoa mass, skimmed milk powder, milk fat, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), natural flavoring (vanilla) (hazelnut, almond and wheat])

Allergen Warning
Contains milk, pistachio, almond, hazelnut, wheat.

Storage Conditions Keep in a
cool and dry place.

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