New Domestic Step Ladder (4 and 6 Steps)


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New Domestic Ladder

This Superior Quality New Domestic Ladder is a must-have item for households and work sites. Built to industrial grade construction with super quality aluminium, it can be expanded to suit the user’s needs or preference. It also features non-slip rubber feet and an automatic lock system for user safety with a load capacity of 150kg for added user-convenience.

  • Featuring non-slip ladder treads
  • Two side hand rails
  • Rubberized non-slip feet
  • Extremely light weight
  • We select the high quality rubber padded covering, feeling more comfortable and more durable.
  • We select the high quality steel pipes which are made by shang hai bao settl, in this way, in can enhance the load ability and make our products more stable and safety.
  • The non slip mats are made from high PVC material. They not only have strong non slip properties,flexible and comfortable, but with the characteristic of waterproof, non toxic, tasteless and easily washed and so on.

4 Steps, 6 Steps