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Olitalia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olitalia extra virgin olive oil is a fundamental ingredient for cooking every day as it enhances the taste of both simple and elaborated recipes. A must in any kitchen, a classic at any table.
This extra virgin olive oil is made of raw materials selected according to the principles of organic farming, and it is a key ingredient and the perfect choice for a cuisine focused on well being.

Can be used as:

  • Dressing
  • Low and high temperature cooking
This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Extra virgin olive oil has no protein, no carbohydrate, no sodium, no cholesterol, no minerals but a bunch of vitamin E which is fat-soluble
  • Olitalia extra virgin olive oils exalt the tradition and the typicality of Italian oils
  • Offers the consumers the chance to appreciate the extraordinary variety of tastes and flavours that the whole world envies
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