Paper Boat Lychee Ras Drink 150ml

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Paper Boat Lychee

About the Product

Growing up, this scaly fruit fascinated all of us. A magic fruit that’s hard from the outside but super soft on the inside, is a fruit but could easily pass for a dessert. Yup! That’s Lychee for you! While the taste of lychee was hard not to love, peeling it was a total mood kill. Being the baby of the family we would get away with a lot of things and lychee-peeling ceremony was definitely one of them. Eating lychees while sitting around in our night suits post dinner. Maa peeling at this tropical wonder with an extra fan (vintage, fished out from storage) pointed in our direction is how I shall forever remember childhood summers. The sweet, fleshy fruit still evokes that same sense of happy, lazy summer nostalgia in me. Thank God for juice though, no pleading about peeling necessary!
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