Pureit Classic Germkill Kit Cartridge


Pureit Classic Germkill Kit Cartridge

Pureit Classic Germkill Kit Cartridge filters 1500 litres of safe drinking water. It comes with advanced auto shut-off system once the germ kill life indicator turns fully red Pureit’s advanced auto shut-off mechanism shuts off the supply of purified water. This ensures no member of your family drinks unsafe water. Please replace the Germkill immediately.

  • Activated Carbon (Removes harmful parasites and pesticides)
  • Germkill Processor – Uses programmed germ kill technology to target and Removes invisible harmful virus and bacteria.
  • Polisher – Removes chlorine and other contaminants to make water clear, odourless and great tasting.
  • 1500 Liters Germ Kill Kit

Works for :

  • Pureit Classic 9 Litres
  • Pureit Classic Autofill 23 Litres
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