Stainless Steel Food Fryer With Mesh Strainer

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Stainless Steel Food Fryer With Mesh Strainer

When it comes to cooking deep-fried foods, You would need to drain the excess oil, Which takes a lot of time. With Stainless Steel Food Fryer With Mesh Strainer, You can multitask: Picking up the food while draining the excess oil at the same time, as it comes with tongs and a strainer together as one.

Say goodbye to messy kitchen. With this, You can drain the oil very soon. There will be no oil drips splattered all over your kitchen sink or counter top. Your plates will also be clean without oil pooling the food, making it look more appetizing.

This is made with high quality stainless steel wire, Which will not bend easily and safe for dishwasher. No Rust! Also, It will undoubtedly withstand heat without melting or deforming, Ready to be your kitchen helper for many, many years to come.

Greasy foods contain a great amount of calories, Which may lead to heart attach, Obesity, Stroke or Peripheral arterial disease. Now that the excess oil is properly drained from your food, You are guaranteed to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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