Banno Biriyani Basmati Rice 500g


Banno Biriyani Basmati Rice 500g

Banno Biriyani Basmati Rice is mainly cherished for making biryani rice. As well as other dishes with delightful taste and aroma. Traditionally from Indian sub-continent. It is unique among other varieties of long grain rice. It offers a fluffy & soft texture upon cooking. Along with super aroma, delicious taste & distinct flavor.

Get the perfect combination of great taste and good health. Which is nurtured in our Banno Basmati Rice. BANNO BIRYANI RICE is known for its post cooking elongation. Each grain of rice seperates from another after cooked.


  • Rich in vitamin-B
  • Excellent nutritional value and free from impurities
  • Good source of carbohydrates
  • Delectable taste
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