Clip Type Bikit Gaurd Anti Mosquito Clip

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Clip Type Bikit Gaurd – Anti Mosquito Clip

Product Name   : Clip Type Bikit Gaurd Anti Mosquito Clip
Origin of goods  : Korea


  • Suitable for babies, kids, pregnant ladies and all aged adult.
  • Made of natural herb flavor, Citronella.
  • Easily clip on edge of sleeves, pocket, sneakers, caps, bags etc.
  • Great for indoor or outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, school, playgrounds etc.

How to Use:

  • Simply insert it in an edge of sleeves, shoe strings, cap, pocket etc where your skin is usually exposed
  • It remains effective for two-three months and when it is not in use, put it into a zipper bag
  • If kept in a zipper bag while not in use, it can be used for more than a year
  • If you wear more than two, they are more effective

Mosquito eradication, Mosquito and harmful insect repellents, Natural herbal scent from Citronella
Clip Type (Easy to attach & detach)
Placed the nearest area where the skin is exposed such as edge cuffs, shoelace, visor of cap or hat, pocket, backpack and etc
To enhence performance, please use 2 or more Guard Clips
The performance will last 2~3 months.

Spray, apply, wear around your wrist. Haven’t you felt uncomfortable with even natural ingredients directly touching your sensitive skin so far? Made of natural herb flavor, Citronella, it can be safely used by even those sensitive, men or women of all ages, Simply insert the clip type!! ‘Bikkit guard’ designed to be in a clip type, can be simply worn for outdoor activities clothing, bag, tent, bed, indoor lighting etc.

Product Name: Bikit Guard – Natural Mosquito Repellent Clip
Origin: Korea

Dimension: Diameter 35mm

Material: Natural Herb Oil extract from citronella


(1) Convenient to use

(2) Long lasting (up to 3months)

(3) Water resistance

(4) Formula is extracted from natural plants. Non-toxic and non-irritating

(5) Suitable for babies & pregnant women

Who can use?

-New born babies, kids, pregnant women, and all aged adult.

How to use?

(1) Simply wear at the nearest part where the skin is exposed at the edge of sleeves, shoelace, visor of cap or hat, pocket, backpack.

(2) Effectiveness can last up to 2-3 months.

(3) When not in use, keep it into its original zipper bag. (can keep up to 1 year)

(4) Will get more effective with 2 or more Bikit Guard.



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