Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol 2 In 1 Anti Dandruff Shampoo+Conditioner 180ml


Head & Shoulders has now come to treat your hair and scalp with utmost care. This Head & Shoulders Shampoo provides your hair with natural ingredients to keep hair from turning dry and rough. Replenish Moisture Balance Supplying intense moisture, the shampoo ensures that your lost beauty, dryness and brittle hair is restored and you enjoy better and more silky hair with the perfect moisture balance. 100% Dandruff Free The shampoo fights dandruff build-up on the scalp that in turn leads to healthy hair roots and healthy hair finally. You are promised 100% dandruff free hair so you can allow your hair fibre to get rich nutrition always. 100% Smoother Hair The creamy formulation of the shampoo now enables you to enjoy flaunting 100% smoother hair so lesser mess and knots that can lead to increased hair fall and breakage. Cleanses the Scalp The shampoo is renown for cleansing the scalp thoroughly so one can always flaunt healthy hair irrespective of what weather or any water changes. Helps Maintain Hair Fullness and Shine The shampoo adds volume along with cleansing the mane so your hair looks fuller and beautiful. While cleansing is highly important, you can now enjoy shiny hair as well because this shampoo adds that extra care for your hair to increase volume and sheen.

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