Moby Baby Moon Walk

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Moby Baby Moon Walk

For babies learning to walk would mean that you will have to prepare yourself to them falling down as they’re not a baby who never did, besides some people think that the only way to learn is to fall once in a while. Yes! It is true since we all learn from our mistakes but if there is something that could prevent us from making that tiny life-changing mistake, would you not take it.

Prevention is the key to regret and costly mistakes and so if you can prevent your kid from hurting themselves while learning to take their first step alone, as this could assist them in their endeavor to learn.

The Moby Baby Moon Walk helps the child learn to walk in a secure way with the help of an adult. The Moon Walk helps with balance and confidence. For safety and care, hand wash, air dry and store out of reach of children. Always use Moon Walk in the presence of an adult. Do not leave children unattended while using Moon Walk.


– It helps your little baby learn to walk, teaches them to stay on their feet and it’s a great way to keep your child close to you when you’re out and about
– No need for bending down and hurting your backs while trying to teach your baby to walk
– Helps the child to walk in a secure manner with the help of an adult
– Helps the child to walk and balance freely
– Suitable for children between the ages of 6 months to 14 months
– The fabric is made of cotton so it is airy and will not make your babies sweat even during the hottest day
– A simple hand wash is all you need to keep it clean and smelling good. Drying is also naturally done, and must not be twisted just to remove the water, just hang it under the sun and wait for it to dry out.

– 31cm in length that can also be adjusted according to the size and comfort of your baby
– Maximum width is up to 72cm
– 65cm – 68cm height and it is adjustable
– It can hold up to 17kg weight

**Should not leave the child unattended while using moonwalk

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