Multipurpose Aluminium Ladder 5 x 4



Multipurpose Aluminium Ladder 5 x 4

Get yourself an Multi Purpose Aluminium Ladder 5 x 4. Which is built to Industrial grade construction and superior quality. Made with high quality aluminum. Lightweight and rust free. You won’t need to buy another ladder.

Use this ladder as a step ladder

  • Double step ladder
  • Extension ladder
  • Mezzanine ladder
  • Multi-lever ladder
  • Platform scaffold or a stair-step scaffold

Material & Construction

  • Aluminium with super quality assurance
  • Industrial grade construction


  • Versatile utilities
  • The construction is well built as well as foldable
  • It is handy and light in weight
  • Hinges with automatic lock system
  • It can be used in Household or at work site
  • Super quality aluminium body
  • Convincing rubber feet
  • Up to 150 Kg capacity
  • Multi Purpose Aluminium Ladder has 20 steps.
  • 20 feet / 6m is the Maximum expandable length (Approx.)


  • 1 x Multi Purpose Aluminium Ladder
  • 1 x Long Scaffold Plate (Optional)
  • Required Bolts, Nuts, Washers

With Plate, Without Plate