TRE MULINI Fusilli 1kg



Italian pasta is made exclusively from hard protein-rich non-floury wheat varieties. Cooking time 10 minutes.

Fusilli TRE MULINI pasta is a classic, traditional pasta in the south of Italy. Those parts of Italy where they understand, love and can appreciate the real quality.

And the art of Pastificio Antonio Pallante has been recognized for many years by Italian buyers (which is especially proud) Pasta Reggia pasta is produced at the family-owned Pastificio Antonio Pallante near Naples. The name “Pasta Reggia” was chosen in honor of the grandiose country palace of the Neapolitan kings in Caserta, the city where the company is located. The palace, on the one hand, is a symbol of time and traditions, on the other – a symbol of high in simple – “Art on the table”. and lovers of Italian pasta in England, Germany, France, the Americas, China, Japan, Australia and Africa.